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(June 5th 2007)Tabatha writes:

This weekend was a pretty decent one. I did a bunch of things this weekend. Wrote some more stuff, played kingdom hearts chain of memories...I've almost finished reading Wizard's First Rule. Parts of it draws me in. It's a good book so those of you haven't read it yet, I definitely recommend it to. Especially you fantasy readers! I caught up on another, strange comic. It seems to be pretty popular, but it could use more popularity. Also this weekend I joined up with Digg and Del.icio.us. I spent a LOT of time on digg Sunday night. They have some awesome articles, and most of the things people post make me laugh. It definitely brings me joy to visit it. I recommend joining. ;) If you want to add me to your digg buddy list let me know. ^_^ You'll notice at the top near the feed button is now a Digg button. So come on then, digg FBCG!

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