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Q: How do you get your ideas?

A: I get my idea's mostly from things that have happened or that would be funny if it happened. Sometimes it's pretty random stuff from inside my head. Whatever I think of, most of the time relates to computers or gaming. Those that don't, end up as special issues. Sometimes I convert whatever it is into computers and gaming if possible.

Q: How do you do your comics?

A: I use to draw them on a piece of paper with a pencil, ink them, scan then photoshop color them. But now I am going to do everything digitally using my Wacom Bamboo Drawing Tablet.

Q: What's up with your characters, they all seem the same?

A: Au Contraire, they are NOT all the same. They all have thier little differences. For instance, Miranda is pretty sassy. Sam is totally lustful after pron and hentai. Erik is in love with Miranda, but he's kind of a sissy so everyone calls him Erika. Rob has many talents that have to do with technology, such as hacking, and he's a complete stoner. So as you can see, every one of them has their little quirks.

Q: Do you even listen to constructive criticism?

A: As long as it's good sure. I've done a lot of things differently. For instance, when I started out the text was impossible to read. You can see the difference now. I am constantly refining the way I do things. I do my best to make my comic better for the fans, so if you have constructive criticism that isn't farfetched and completely moronic, I'd love to hear it.

Q: Can I be in your comic?

A: No. There's just no way to fit everyone into my comic.

Q: Do you do commissions?

A: I do! I do them for $8/hr USD which is relatively cheap. You must have a Paypal, and the starter fee is $5. Depending on the size of the picture it can take anywhere from 20mins and 25 1/2 hrs (Keep in mind large wallpapers take a long time to draw). Send me an email [[interwebgoblins(at)yahoo(dot)com]] Subject: Commission with a description of what you want, keep it pretty open because I can't see what's in your mind. I might draw it live on blogtv(, but if not I'll send you a watermarked copy so you can see it before you send the final payment. After I get the payment I will send you your drawing. For more resources of my artwork: Deviantart or Blogspot I can't draw realism but I will draw any topic.

Q: Where do I sent fanart to?

A: interwebgoblins(at)yahoo(dot)com

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