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(May 22nd 2007)Tabatha writes:

Okay I still have more to draw for special 12 to be done. I still have a hard time getting out of this lazy mode. I need some motivation, but lately there hasn't been much since a lot of comic artists have slacked off or just stopped doing thier comics all together. That's what was keeping me motivated. Without that motivation it's hard to go on. Artists like Snafu Dave and Teh Dave need to come back to me so I can be motivated. However, they don't cater to my needs. So...I'm just doing the best I can. There will be a comic up friday. I will try to do more work on the next page for this week. I shoulda spent more of my weekend catching up. But nope, I was too busy thinking about other things. Playing magic the gathering, watching too much tv. Ninja warrior, anime, ect...I need to be happy, but at the same time less slacking off. >_> If anyone has apprentice and would like to play me a game of magic the gathering, email me.

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