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(April 24th 2007)Tabatha writes:

Sorry I haven't been updating Friday's lately. This week I had planned to get back to work. Unfortunately, that might not happen until the end of the week. >_< I had to reformat my computer this weekend. I have to download a replacement firewall cus mine crapped out. I'm looking for an online virus scan that I can use in firefox. I have to draw a comic for a local paper that's due Wednesday, and I've barely gotten anything done on it. I also need to get to work on resizing some pictures, and drawing an artwork that I had planned to do, and haven't gotten around to doing yet. I have so much to do, and just no time to do it all. It's driving me nuts! I will hopefully have a comic up next week. That's the plan. Also I have to get to work on coloring the next slacronym sheet. I might end up doing that before I end up working on the actual comic again, just so that I can at least get slacronyms up for you every week. Also, for those of you who don't know. MMM Boogrrs has it's own .com now! Woot for that! So check it out! ALSO! I forgot to upload this fanart Zoegirl sent me ages ago! God I'm a failure. Sorry about that.

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