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(March 27th 2007)Tabatha writes:

Hey guys, I'm not feeling so great. My health is again on the fritz. Yeah, exactly, I know right? Trust me I'm working on it, and it's just not cooperating with me. I am taking this week off, so expect no updates next week. I am unsure when things will resume. I really HATE to take off time from the comic. I really wanna work on it but I just can deal with the stress right now. It's not good for my health at this time, and I have extra stress from other issues. This really sucks because I have to work on the next slacronym sheet, and come up with an idea for the slacronym sheet after that. I was planning on two special updates next month. However, I dont want to burn myself out too much, so I decided on only one. I have it finished, and since Sam's birthday happens to be coming up next month, that's the one I did. I also have to scan some new pages I did for upcoming pages, which I might do anyways because that doesn't take me too long, but I probably wont do that until Friday. Lots of work ahead of me. So unfortunately, despite all that I have and want to do, I'm just not gunna be able to do it for a while. If anyone wants to contribute to helping me it would be great. I'd enjoy people sending me fancomics or guest comics to help me on my way. But with my luck nobody will send shit. So...

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